The Psychology of Abnormality

In Psychopathology. The Psychology of Abnormality, Marco Antonio Espinosa explains the most common mental disorders in the adult population, through diverse theoretical lenses including biological, cognitive-behavioral, humanist, multidimensional and psychodynamic. This guide includes brief cases that facilitate the understanding and application of the patient diagnosis criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO- CIE10) and the American Psychiatry Association (APA-DSM5). This book is a basic, complete, and easy to understand text for any professional that wants a current, broad, and integral vision of psychopathology in the clinical field.

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Sobre Marco Antonio Espinosa (Escritor)

  • Marco Antonio Espinosa
    Marco Antonio Espinosa, licenciado en Psicología por la Universidad Salesiana, maestro en Ciencias de la Educación por la Universidad Azteca y especialista en Psicoterapia constructivista y en educación. Ha dictado cursos, talleres y conferencias relacionados con los procesos de ... Ver más sobre el autor

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