Pleasures and couples

Veronica Ortiz and David Barrios talk about sexuality, eroticism and bodies.


Veronica Ortiz and David Barrios talk about sexuality, eroticism and bodies. The authors, a renowned communicator and writer and a sexologist and psychotherapist of wide trajectory, talk about sexuality and eroticism today. The result: a deep and updated vision of the intimate life of women and men, from the sharp and direct reflexión of specialists.

With passion and commitment, the speakers communicate the findings of contemporary science on these topics, identify the most common conflicts and problems of sexual life, and propose alternatives for solution and reflection, with realistic and feasible bases. Verónica Ortiz and David Barrios use a clear, direct and uncompromising language, which will be impossible to ignore. The result of their reading undoubtedly proposes a shake-up of the myths and stereotypes that do so much harm, even today. Public and political themes are a fashion, a conjunctural necessity; however, embroidering on intimate themes implies a permanent interest for all types of readers in their search for happiness and their right to pleasure.

Sobre Verónica Ortiz (Escritor)

  • Verónica Ortiz
    Verónica Ortiz [Lawrenz] es una escritora y periodista mexicana. En 1979, ingresó al Instituto de Lenguas extranjeras en Beijing, China, donde colaboró con el equipo de trabajo interdisciplinario del diccionario inglés, español y chino, al tiempo que estudió en el Seminario de pr... Ver más sobre el autor

Sobre David Barrios Martínez (Escritor)

  • David Barrios Martínez
    Dr. David Barrios, Médico cirujano egresado de la Facultad de Medicina de la UNAM. Especialista en Docencia por el Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Educativos de la UNAM. Educador de la Sexualidad por la Sociedad Mexicana de Sexología Humanista Integral. Dr. David Barrios, S... Ver más sobre el autor

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