Paths of eroticism

Revelations of a professional sexologist

What happens in a sexologist's office? How does someone decide to practice this profession? What are the problems that sexology helps to solve? David Barrios Martínez reveals multiple answers to these disturbing questions about one of the -surprisingly- lesser-known professions in the 21st century.

He shares with the readers his experience, inside and outside the clinical practice, intermingling personal, professional and professional experiences, which illustrate or reveal different aspects of this exciting discipline. He speaks openly about: his life, the manifestations of sexual diversity, clinical cases and their treatment, psychotherapeutic models in sexology, the gallant art of fucking, the charlatans who call themselves sexologists, the abuse of drugs to treat sexual problems, his family, his teachers and colleagues in the profession, among many other topics.

Sobre David Barrios Martínez (Escritor)

  • David Barrios Martínez
    Dr. David Barrios, Médico cirujano egresado de la Facultad de Medicina de la UNAM. Especialista en Docencia por el Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Educativos de la UNAM. Educador de la Sexualidad por la Sociedad Mexicana de Sexología Humanista Integral. Dr. David Barrios, S... Ver más sobre el autor

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