​On the wings of pleasure

How to increase our sexual enjoyment

From the perspective of humanistic psychology, which respects and promotes individuality and considers the human being as a being in constant development, a group of experts in sexology address issues such as dysfunctions, gender characteristics, sexual diversity, eroticism, among others, through a clear and simple language that facilitates the understanding of the issues and makes us feel like in a relaxed chat, in confidence.

Sobre David Barrios Martínez (Escritor)

  • David Barrios Martínez
    Dr. David Barrios, Médico cirujano egresado de la Facultad de Medicina de la UNAM. Especialista en Docencia por el Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Educativos de la UNAM. Educador de la Sexualidad por la Sociedad Mexicana de Sexología Humanista Integral. Dr. David Barrios, S... Ver más sobre el autor

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