Learn from your mistakes in love

Little manual for a broken heart

This book rethinks the ideas about what a couple relationship means, and points out the mistakes that are constantly repeated and that make the experience of love suffer instead of enjoying it. Through an agile and fun writing, but with a high degree of reflection and knowledge from science, the author unveils the factors that prevent healthy bonds with the couple, while offering answers and new possibilities to relate emotionally.

Sobre Vicente Herrera Gayosso (Escritor)

  • Vicente Herrera Gayosso
    Vicente Herrera-Gayosso es psicólogo, videobloguero, orador motivacional y autor. Es miembro activo de la Sociedad Mexicana de Psicología. Como conferencista recorre el país impartiendo talleres acerca de la superación de la pérdida, la creatividad como pilar del éxito , el lider... Ver más sobre el autor

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