Gestalt in small words

Theoretical contributions for therapeutic practice

Words, big and small, are bridges that unite us. They are never born alone. There are so many authors who have written big and luminous words about Gestalt. I write small words because I believe they also matter. That is my way of learning, of thinking, of asking myself questions, of trying to answer them, of getting lost and sometimes finding myself, that is, of writing gestalt. I take those concepts, those big words in my hands to observe them closely, to see their feathers, to smell them, to discover their flavor and then to make something mine with them.

That possibility gives you the Gestalt theory to be diverse, changing and multiple. In this book I wrote about themes that are meaningful to me, that move me, that touch my experience and move my curiosity: the gestalt word, the possibilities of silence, the uncertainty of the therapeutic process, the irruption of otherness, the aesthetic gaze and the Gestalt approach applied to education. What I tried to do was to look at topics derived from theory, which would allow me to reflect on practice, on the real and complex experience of daily work with patients; those others who suffer and who come to the office with the intention of healing, of knowing themselves, of expanding their consciousness, of growing.

Francisco Fernández Romero

Sobre Francisco Fernández Romero (Escritor)

  • Francisco Fernández Romero
    Francisco Fernández Romero, educador, sexólogo y psicoterapeuta, interesado en temas de educación humanista, trabajo vivencial con grupos, sexualidad, alteridad, psicoterapia y las experiencias estéticas como recurso terapéutico. Licenciado en pedagogía por la Universidad Panamer... Ver más sobre el autor

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