Discipline your Temperament with Love

Know and improve your relationship with those you love

Rosa Barocio affirms in Discipline your Temperament with Love that the key to improving our relationships is to acknowledge our response to the world and to understand others’ as well. Filled with anecdotes and a great sense of humor, this book will help you acknowledge the features of your temperament and offer you practical solutions to work on your limitations and enhance your attributes. Additionally, the best-selling author of this publishing house provides you with strategies for transforming everyday hostilities into a tolerant, harmonious, and compassionate existence with those you love the most.

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Disciplina con amor
  • English

Sobre Rosa Barocio (Escritor)

  • Rosa Barocio
    Rosa Barocio buscó sensibilizarnos con sus conferencias y libros sobre la necesidad de una educación que integrara el desarrollo del intelecto con un corazón tolerante y compasivo. Fue maestra, licenciada en Educación y madre de dos hijos. Trabajó durante más de 30 años con niños... Ver más sobre el autor

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