Discipline your emotions with love

We all walk through life carrying a backpack. Since we were little we have been filling it with all kinds of beliefs, attitudes, values, repressed emotions. Some of them are light and encourage us to move forward, while others weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward. Most people, however, go through life without stopping to review what they have accumulated, it only seems to them that as the years go by, they have more and more difficulty to keep walking.

They blame circumstances, the people around them or bad luck. It has never occurred to them to think that they can lighten their backpack to travel lighter through life. With this reading I invite you to review your backpack.

What do you want to discard, what do you decide to keep, what new things do you want to include? The review needs reflection and time. A clear observation to see ourselves with clarity and honesty. And courage to accept those parts we are used to hide. I congratulate you for embarking on this journey of personal development.

Rosa Barocio

Sobre Rosa Barocio (Escritor)

  • Rosa Barocio
    Rosa Barocio buscó sensibilizarnos con sus conferencias y libros sobre la necesidad de una educación que integrara el desarrollo del intelecto con un corazón tolerante y compasivo. Fue maestra, licenciada en Educación y madre de dos hijos. Trabajó durante más de 30 años con niños... Ver más sobre el autor

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