Discipline with love

No one has trained us to be educators, and educating is a complex task. On the one hand, we see that it does not work to be authoritarian as our parents and teachers were, but on the other hand, we realize that permissiveness brings very serious consequences. How to achieve the balance so that our children and students grow up healthy, with self-esteem and, at the same time, respectful and responsible? Is it possible to set limits and be firm, but at the same time loving? With practical advice, sensitivity and a great sense of humor, Rosa Barocio offers a clear guide for the difficult but exciting task of educating with conscience, that is, encouraging the child in his or her maturation process, offering support, acceptance and unconditional love: the key to being better parents and teachers.

Rosa Barocio

Sobre Rosa Barocio (Escritor)

  • Rosa Barocio
    Rosa Barocio buscó sensibilizarnos con sus conferencias y libros sobre la necesidad de una educación que integrara el desarrollo del intelecto con un corazón tolerante y compasivo. Fue maestra, licenciada en Educación y madre de dos hijos. Trabajó durante más de 30 años con niños... Ver más sobre el autor

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