Discipline with love for teens

Is it possible to enjoy the adolescent stage with teenagers, or is the only alternative to ride it out and hope for the best possible outcome? Does the reader share the opinion of the comedian who said: "God is very compassionate. He gives us twelve years to get attached to our children before we turn them into teenagers"?

Every child is different. Therefore, it is impossible to predict what they will be like as teenagers. But we can be sure that, for everyone, adolescence is a time of profound changes. When parents don't understand them, and insist on treating them as children, it only makes them angry and rebellious. Both parents and teachers need to understand the transformations that adolescents are going through in order to accompany them in the best way possible in this last stage, from which they will emerge as young adults.

Rosa Barocio invites us to see our adolescent with the heart. To realize that we need to approach them in a new way: open and non-judgmental, interested and respectful, present but not controlling. That way they will change attitudes of criticism and cynicism to ones of questioning and compassion. We will look at them through a different lens to support and comfort them in their difficult moments. With a great sense of humor, the author will lead the reader step by step to acquire new skills that will make them the best guide for their children.

Rosa Barocio

Sobre Rosa Barocio (Escritor)

  • Rosa Barocio
    Rosa Barocio buscó sensibilizarnos con sus conferencias y libros sobre la necesidad de una educación que integrara el desarrollo del intelecto con un corazón tolerante y compasivo. Fue maestra, licenciada en Educación y madre de dos hijos. Trabajó durante más de 30 años con niños... Ver más sobre el autor

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