Discipline with love for grandparents

The job of grandparents is to spoil. But spoiling can have different connotations. When it is an expression of unconditional love and acceptance, it nurtures and strengthens the grandchild's emotional life. Being with the grandparents becomes a gift to him. But when consent spoils, giving without measure, not setting limits on disrespect or contradicting the wishes of the parents, then that consent hurts.

Grandparents contribute to the grandchild becoming demanding, capricious, rude and maladjusted. Rosa Barocio dedicates this book to grandparents in a time of great changes for the family. In a society where more and more mothers are working, grandparents are becoming an important support in the care of grandchildren. For the relationship between parents and grandparents to be harmonious, both must maintain healthy personal boundaries.

With a great sense of humor and many anecdotes, the author leads us to reflect, to question ourselves and to discard old patterns that do harm. Being a grandparent becomes a second chance to love with a mature and generous, but also responsible love.

Rosa Barocio

Sobre Rosa Barocio (Escritor)

  • Rosa Barocio
    Rosa Barocio buscó sensibilizarnos con sus conferencias y libros sobre la necesidad de una educación que integrara el desarrollo del intelecto con un corazón tolerante y compasivo. Fue maestra, licenciada en Educación y madre de dos hijos. Trabajó durante más de 30 años con niños... Ver más sobre el autor

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