A Life of Wellbeing After All

The psychological guide to your mental health

Barragán, with this book, will help you create lasting resources to live in well-being to be able to face difficult moments. It offers you reliable data, backed by science, to counteract negative beliefs, magical thoughts and predjudices; It also puts at your disposal useful strategies for you to work on your mental health.

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  • English

Sobre Ramsés Barragán Estrada (Escritor)

  • Ramsés Barragán Estrada
    Psicoterapeuta especializado en temas de bienestar y salud mental. Cuenta con una maestría en terapia familiar sistemática y diversas certificaciones internacionales, entre las que destacan: Science of Well-being y Positive Psycology. Es conferencista e investigador con publicaci... Ver más sobre el autor

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