101 answers about love, relationships and breakups

Two years ago, Vicente Herrera-Gayosso launched a call through social networks for his followers, friends and patients to send him questions or doubts regarding their relationships. He was astonished by the response: nearly two thousand came in, some of them from as far away as Qatar or Japan.

What you will find in this book is a selection of those questions and their respective answers, covering a broad spectrum in the complex world of romance. The topics range from falling in love to separation, from the idealization of the beloved to the wounds infidelity causes, and from longing for a partner to accepting that sometimes it is better to remain alone.

It is important to clarify that the numbering of the questions does not obey any particular order, you can start with any one that catches your attention, and eventually, this will connect you with the others, so that each reader will have a book that responds to their own doubts and concerns. Vicente, as he always says, does not have the absolute truth, but with his peculiar style, he has captured in each answer his experience of many years as a therapist, as well as the knowledge acquired in countless hours of research about love, couples and breakups.

Sobre Vicente Herrera Gayosso (Escritor)

  • Vicente Herrera Gayosso
    Vicente Herrera-Gayosso es psicólogo, videobloguero, orador motivacional y autor. Es miembro activo de la Sociedad Mexicana de Psicología. Como conferencista recorre el país impartiendo talleres acerca de la superación de la pérdida, la creatividad como pilar del éxito , el lider... Ver más sobre el autor

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